Animate Your Marketing

Motion Graphics and Animation add clarity, punch and interest to videos

Digital Bard Video Marketing creates high quality animations and motion graphics, adding an extra level of production value to your video projects. Animation styles range from hand drawn, sketched looks to full characters and environments. Or you can add some “wow” with kinetic typography (moving text) and motion branding.

Animated videos are frequently used simplify a complicated process and get prospects focused on the key benefits of your product or service. We’ve worked with technology companies, biotech firms, marketing agencies and online service providers to create captivating videos. When used as a lead generation video or a product overview, they can increase conversions by 30% or more! What would that be worth to your company?

This demo reel contains several 2D animation, motion graphics and some 3D modeling clips from explainer videos, product demos, DVD menus and more, several of which were honored with awards.

Digital Bard - Featured Active ClientFrom advertisers to film makers, creative directors recognize the power of animations and computer modeling to take us places we couldn’t normally experience. Just a sampling of today’s TV commercials shows some animation in nearly every national ad seen – a car “explodes” into individual parts and then reassembles before our eyes, a world of birds, flowers and hovering honey bees exists entirely made of paint color strips, a corporate logo rotates and flashes before settling in at the end of the ad.

Unlike live action video footage, these elements are all digital – nothing exists until our creative video production team puts it together. You can use animation to:

  • explain a high level concept in a quick, relatable way
  • manipulate your logo for better brand awareness
  • build a motion DVD menu, just like a national film release
  • show a manufacturing process in a simple, streamlined way
  • illustrate your unique process for providing service
  • explore inside a machine too small or too dangerous to actually film
  • float through the human body and demonstrate the effects of a medical procedure

View the Video buttonLearn more about our award-winning creative process here.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in television production, radio, film, illustration, animation, graphics design, marketing, voice-overs and as on-camera talent. Watch the video to learn more about the steps we follow to explore, visualize, make, distribute and evaluate your video marketing.


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