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Building Relationships with Online Video

Video marketing has proven to be an effective, cost efficient tool for educating consumers and deepening a company’s relationship with customers. With nearly 70% of Fortune 500 companies using YouTube and over 80% using Facebook, we know the “big guys” are exploring benefits.

Community banks have a powerful opportunity to provide localized, relevant, entertaining videos to connect with clients and promote products and services. Discover the main types of online videos and when to use them for maximum effectiveness. Get tips on efficient re-purposing of video content – and its logical offspring – for sales, social media, retention, and recruitment. This session includes an integrated marketing case study from one of Digital Bard’s community bank clients.

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How to apply for an internship in video marketing


It’s February, so we’ll soon start hearing from students who would like a summer internship with us. I love that. I love the new energy and new perspectives and I want to say “yes” to them all. But I can’t, and there are two main reasons why – myths about internships. And there are some actions you can take to make me want to invest in you.

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Wanted: Business Development Rep


Digital Bard Video seeks relationship builder to expand Sales Team

About this sales job:

You’ll expand our client base through selective outreach to marketing directors and CEOs in our key industries of education, tourism, tech, manufacturing and professional services. You’ll find and close new opportunities, keep and grow existing relationships, and reactivate dormant clients.

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YouTube and the Dreaded “Third-Party Content” Match


What does it mean when your YouTube video gets flagged for matched content?

Even when you have proper licenses and permissions for footage and music, YouTube can still flag videos for a suspected copyright violation. Here’s how to file a dispute and prove you are one of the good guys. 

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How to stop unrelated videos from showing up at the end of your YouTube video

YouTube logo

Want to know how to stop unrelated videos from showing up when your YouTube video ends? Here’s how!

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Digital Bard videos win at 2015 Communicator Awards


Branding video tops the list of award winners

The winners of the 2015 Communicator Awards have been announced by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts today, and Frederick-based company Digital Bard received recognition for seven entries.

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What makes a good Welcome Video?


Introducing yourself on a web page doesn’t have to be painful or boring.

We work with a lot of business owners and leaders who want to introduce themselves, their products and services on their website. It is a wonderful way to start to build a relationship with a prospect, since they can hear you and see you, and notice how you walk and talk and chew gum at the same time.

One of the first questions we get asked is, “What do I say?” Here are some suggestions on writing a very strong, authentic introduction.

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Vimeo vs. YouTube – Key Differences Between Two Top Video Channels


“What are the main differences between YouTube and Vimeo, from a business owner’s point of view?” We heard the same basic question a few times recently from business folks who are using video and want to make sure they are being smart about it. The rules and concerns are a little different for a company than they might be for a film student or a casual user who just wants to share vacation videos with friends.

The main differences between these two top video sharing sites come down to content control and purposes of use.

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