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Honoring Ebola health workers in Africa Cup PSA

Digital Bard creates video airing in international soccer tournament The 30th edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, underway now in Equatorial Guinea, almost didn’t happen. The highly anticipated international soccer tournament was initially scheduled to be hosted by Morocco, but amid fears of the Ebola virus epidemic in West Africa, Morocco refused to host the tournament during the scheduled dates. Cup organizers refused to reschedule, so a new host country was selected. The nation of Equatorial Guinea (EG) stepped forward to host, and had facilities ready since they had just done so in 2012. Even though Equatorial Guinea has had very limited exposure to the virus, concerns were still high. That’s where we come in. East West Communications, who we had worked with in 2014 for a branding film for EG, hired us to create a 60 second TV broadcast PSA. The video acknowledges the many contributions of the health workers and organizations who have responded to the crisis. The tone is compassionate yet hopeful,...

Wanted: Video Editor/Post-Production Specialist

Wanted: Video Editor/Post-Production Specialist

We're looking for a strong creative professional with 1 or more years of experience in video editing to blend and grow with our core group of production geeks. You'll enjoy a supportive work environment in vibrant downtown Frederick, a diverse project menu and the chance to contribute to the direction of each campaign.

Is video conferencing replacing face to face visits?

“How often do you fly to see a client or make a pitch, and are you using video conferencing and similar technologies in any way?” Is technology actually helping us, or are we creating more distance and confusion? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

How to have uncover more business during exploratory meetings

While setting and sharing a meeting agenda once business is won is quite common and an expected part of the transaction, setting and sharing an agenda for an exploratory meeting is far less common, and I am here to challenge that notion.

Search Engines Love Websites With Video

Video Search Engine Optimization (vSEO) is an integral part of online marketing. Ever since Google (the largest search engine in the world) bought YouTube, we’ve seen a growing emphasis on how the use of online video effects your search rankings AND your sales conversions. Here are some research results to prove it. Read More...

Is someone stealing your good ideas?

Laura writes: "I am wondering what your thoughts are when a friend/competitor starts to mimic the thinContact Digital Bard - While You Were Out messagegs you're doing? It's flattering yet frustrating. Do I let it roll off my shoulder or say something?" Yes, I've had that happen before, too. MORE...

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