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Search Engines Love Websites With Video

Video Search Engine Optimization (vSEO) is an integral part of online marketing. Ever since Google (the largest search engine in the world) bought YouTube, we’ve seen a growing emphasis on how the use of online video effects your search rankings AND your sales conversions. Here are some research results to prove it. Read More...

Doodle your way to a creative answer

Doodle your way to a creative answer

We’ve all had days, weeks (months even) where we’ve been working on a project or task and keep hitting the same mental block. Whether it’s forgetting key decisions from the last meeting, trying to pin down that brilliant topic for the seminar next week, or drafting copy for your next newsletter, it’s overwhelming when we can’t seem to get past the brick wall in front of us. Doodles, sketches and pictures can be powerful explainers, whether marketing your idea, showing relationships between objects, mapping a process or planning your next trip.

Is someone stealing your good ideas?

Laura writes: "I am wondering what your thoughts are when a friend/competitor starts to mimic the thinContact Digital Bard - While You Were Out messagegs you're doing? It's flattering yet frustrating. Do I let it roll off my shoulder or say something?" Yes, I've had that happen before, too. MORE...

How to stop unrelated videos from showing up at the end of your YouTube video

Want to know how to stop unrelated videos from showing up when your YouTube video ends? Here's how! Read More...

Please welcome Barb Campbell to the team!

New Office Executive brings project management and creative visual skills to Digital Bard Barb Campbell has broad background in office management, with several years of working with large corporations and small businesses. Barb has successfully led teams in large scale projects and is driven by creative challenges. She strives for excellent customer service and being proactive when it comes to our client’s needs. Barb will most likely be the first person you encounter when you contact us, as well as a point of contact during your relationship with us. Along with her organizational skills and attention to detail, Barb has a creative side. She is a professional photographer and has extensive experience with commercial, event and portrait photography. She graduated from the Washington School of Photography in 2006.

What to include in a Profile Video

Profile videos give viewers insight into what makes your company unique among its competitors, starting with the intellectual capital and personalities involved. We've found you can develop a really good profile video by answering just four basic questions.

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