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Know your .jpg from your CMYK – a brief guide to design terms

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Simplify your multimedia life by understanding some of the lingo You have all of your brand elements in place – the logo’s designed, color and font palette’s have been determined, extra graphic elements are created, and your website is live. Then you work out your integrated marketing campaign. You know you’ll be using social media and you’ll probably have some print collateral as well for flyers, postcards and letterheads and such. Then you add video to the mix. Well, believe it or not, you may find that your web developer may be asking for one kind of file, while your printer wants another, and then what about video? That can be a whole other story. Don’t panic, you can learn this. There are a few main factors that you have to consider and we’ll work out the differences together. 1. Color mode 2. Dimensions and dpi 3. File format Let’s start with color. There are three main color modes...

Is video conferencing replacing face to face visits?

“How often do you fly to see a client or make a pitch, and are you using video conferencing and similar technologies in any way?” Is technology actually helping us, or are we creating more distance and confusion? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Preparing for the unexpected when shooting video abroad

I had the opportunity to travel to Africa’s west coast in May to create a 10-minute video documenting the rapid transformation taking place in the small sub-Saharan country of Equatorial Guinea. The crew spent two weeks shooting 20 interviews of local business, government, and biodiversity experts, along with capturing a wide variety of video and stills of the country. The final video turned out absolutely great. However, none of it would have been possible without making the necessary preparations prior to traveling to this exotic location. There were many things to consider prior to travel. From the AC power converters to the vaccinations and medications, we had to be overly cautious and prepared for the expected and unexpected obstacles. What happens if a microphone breaks or a battery charger gets lost? What happens if a hard drive unexpectedly crashes or an entire bag gets stolen? After all, we can’t simply order something online or drive to the nearest Best...

How to have uncover more business during exploratory meetings

While setting and sharing a meeting agenda once business is won is quite common and an expected part of the transaction, setting and sharing an agenda for an exploratory meeting is far less common, and I am here to challenge that notion.

Search Engines Love Websites With Video

Video Search Engine Optimization (vSEO) is an integral part of online marketing. Ever since Google (the largest search engine in the world) bought YouTube, we’ve seen a growing emphasis on how the use of online video effects your search rankings AND your sales conversions. Here are some research results to prove it. Read More...

Doodle your way to a creative answer

Doodle your way to a creative answer

We’ve all had days, weeks (months even) where we’ve been working on a project or task and keep hitting the same mental block. Whether it’s forgetting key decisions from the last meeting, trying to pin down that brilliant topic for the seminar next week, or drafting copy for your next newsletter, it’s overwhelming when we can’t seem to get past the brick wall in front of us. Doodles, sketches and pictures can be powerful explainers, whether marketing your idea, showing relationships between objects, mapping a process or planning your next trip.

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