Commercial Production

Advertising for TV, cinema, web and mobile devices

More and more Americans are “consuming” media in many different ways. With Digital Bard, your message is consistent across whatever platforms you use. Commercials for television, commercials for websites, commercials for social media sites or commercials for your favorite mobile device can all have the same voice, style and power. From cell phones to cinema ads, Digital Bard’s award-winning, HD commercial production looks great on any sized screen.

We’ll will work with you to prepare a creative commercial script, schedule your locations and talent, record, edit, polish and distribute your commercial. Save time and frustration by letting us upload your approved commercial videos to YouTube and Facebook for you, and fast-track your video SEO results.

How long should the commercial be?

Most commercials for television (either broadcast TV or cable) are 15 or 30 seconds long. Commercials for the web have few strict time limits, but research has shown that shorter videos get watched more than longer videos.

The rule of thumb for web videos is that “cold” leads or viewers who are not yet in love with and involved with your brand, you should keep the video to less than 90 seconds. “Warm” leads or for viewers who are invested in the information you have to offer will watch longer, perhaps up to 3 minutes. Only viewers who are hot for your information will watch a video longer than 3 minutes.

View the Video buttonLearn more about our award-winning creative process here.

Our team has over 30 years of experience in television production, 2D and 3D animation, radio, film, illustration, graphics design, marketing, voice-overs and as on-camera talent. Watch the video to learn more about the steps we follow to explore, visualize, make, distribute and evaluate your video marketing.


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