Our talented, approachable and incredibly good-looking team.

Our pros focus on relationships with our clients rather than transactions. We approach each video marketing engagement with a combination of consultation and implementation, infused with a healthy dose of geeky exuberance. We just can’t help ourselves.

Whitney Hahn headshot

Whitney Hahn | Managing Partner

Developer, speaker, motivator, and recovering Dungeon Master.

Whitney Hahn is the managing partner of Digital Bard in Frederick, MD, and leads a small, exuberantly geeky band of video marketers. Their collective production creativity has been recognized in several national awards competitions including the ADDY Awards, Telly Awards, and Communicator Awards.

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In her previous lives, Whitney has been a radio DJ, a TV show host (appearing on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and Animal Planet) and the marketing director for a zoo. She plays a respectable game of “Jeopardy,” and a disrespectable game of “Cards Against Humanity.”

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Araminta Finn headshot

Araminta Finn | Special Projects Manager

Patient detailer, long-format specialist, and dry humorist.

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Angela Ashbaugh headshot

Angela Ashbaugh | Motion Graphics Producer

Doodler, dancer, and aspiring Disney Princess.

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Rick Janssen headshot

Rick Janssen | Producer / Editor

Video DSLR Wiz, Musician, Teacher and World Traveler.

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Chris Kennedy headshot

Chris Kennedy | Producer / Editor

Wordsmither, montage master, and avid comic collector.

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Owen Rye | Associate Producer / Editor

Pro Wrestling Aficionado

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Heather Akers headshot

Heather Akers | Project Manager

List keeper, logistics wrangler and smile maker.

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Stacey Parry France headshot

Stacey Parry France | Office Executive

Human calculator, organizational genius, and professional beach-lounger.

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