Our talented, approachable and incredibly good-looking team.

Our pros focus on relationships with our clients rather than transactions. We approach each video marketing engagement with a combination of consultation and implementation, infused with a healthy dose of geeky exuberance. We just can’t help ourselves.

Whitney Hahn headshot

Whitney Hahn | Managing Partner

Developer, speaker, motivator, and recovering Dungeon Master.

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Whitney Hahn is the managing partner of Digital Bard in Frederick, MD, and leads a small, exuberantly geeky band of video marketers. Their collective production creativity has been recognized in several national awards competitions including the ADDY Awards, Telly Awards, and Communicator Awards.

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In her previous lives, Whitney has been a radio DJ, a TV show host (appearing on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” and Animal Planet) and the marketing director for a zoo.

She plays a respectable game of “Jeopardy,” and a disrespectable game of “Cards Against Humanity.”

Araminta Finn headshot

Araminta Finn | Special Projects Manager

Patient detailer, long-format specialist, and dry humorist.

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Co-owner Araminta Finn is an award-winning producer, honored by Parent’s Choice, the Telly Awards and the Videographer Awards. Prior to starting the company in 2004, she produced several weekly and monthly TV shows for the local cable station.

Araminta is a detail spotter and contributes to our quality control. She has a BA degree from Shippensburg University.


Araminta has been an active volunteer with Therapeutic 4-H Riding since 2010. Leading horses for the disabled and assisting the students with their physical, social and developmental therapies gives her great personal satisfaction. She enjoys rock concerts and long walks with her fuzzy dog, “Eli.”

Angela Ashbaugh headshot

Angela Ashbaugh | Motion Graphics Producer

Doodler, dancer, and aspiring Disney Princess.

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A concept artist and animator with work experience in visual development, character design, illustration and animation, Angela’s had the opportunity to work with a variety of unique clients throughout the pre-production and production process.

Seeing characters come to life is a thrill, whether it’s in a video made for online marketing, television, or live events.


When not sketching and animating, Angela likes to practice ballroom dancing or playing the piano. She has a special patience for students who come to shadow her, or a co-worker who needs some help.

Rick Janssen headshot

Rick Janssen | Producer/Editor

Video DSLR Wiz, Musician, Teacher and World Traveler.

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Rick joined the production team as a Cleveland transplant in 2013. He is rarely happier than when he has a camera in his hand, composing his next great video.

Honored with several awards for live action work, Rick loves to travel and explore new places. He is an adjunct professor at Hood College in Frederick, MD.


A Cleveland Brown’s fan since childhood, Rick manages to keep his head high on football season Mondays. Perhaps it’s his optimism we enjoy most.

Chris Kennedy headshot

Chris Kennedy | Producer / Editor

Wordsmither, montage master, and avid comic collector.

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Joining the team in 2015, Chris’ background includes writing and multi-media production. His wonderful organization and discipline make him especially good at long format creations, including a one hour documentary for Frederick businessman and philanthropist George B. Delaplaine, Jr.

Chris serves on the Board of Directors for the American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick (AAF-GF)


Chris has a comic book collection numbering over 1000. He enjoys discovering crafts beers and competing in 72 Hour Film Festivals.


Owen Rye | Associate Producer / Editor

Mild-mannered man by day, piledriver by night.

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Although his boyish good looks make him a shoe-in for a “21 Jump Street” remake, Owen chose to join us and make videos instead. His work includes commercials, fundraising videos and mid-length organizational films. Several of his projects have resulted in hundreds of DVD copies being made for the clients.

Owen is frequently found on set, making sure lights, mics and attitude are all tuned in.


Owen follows pro wrestling (and swears he knows it isn’t “real”). He likes creating alter ego characters and experimenting with short videos that star his personal cast.

Erich Franck headshotErich Franck | Account Manager

Air guitar prodigy, Wikipedia enthusiast, and placer of objects on high shelves.

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Erich Franck is a Frederick County native with a background in digital marketing, account management, and sales. Erich has had a presence in branding, advertising, social media, and multifamily housing in the D.C. area for the past 5 years, and brings his talents back home to take a role in managing accounts here at Digital Bard.


In addition to being the resident mixologist, trivia nerd, and longboard enthusiast at Digital Bard, he also holds the title of being the only member of the Digital Bard team to have been bitten by a roadrunner.

Stacey Parry France headshot

Stacey Parry France | Office Executive

Human calculator, organizational genius, and professional beach-lounger.

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A former math teacher and entrepreneur, Stacey likes to “play” with spreadsheets and performance dashboards. A balanced budget makes her happy.

When you have a question about your account or want to make arrangements for budget billing, she’s your gal.


Stacey is a frequent kid chauffeur and an occasional volleyball player.