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Animated Explainer Videos

From simple whiteboard style to fully illustrated characters, animation can add clarity to complex concepts

From advertisers to film makers, creative directors recognize the power of animation and computer modeling to take us places we couldn’t normally experience. Just a sampling of today’s TV commercials shows some animation in nearly every national ad seen – a car “explodes” into individual parts and then reassembles before our eyes, a world exists entirely made of paint color strips, or a corporate logo rotates and flashes before settling in at the end of the ad.

Animated videos are frequently used simplify a complicated process and get prospects focused on the key benefits of your product or service. When used as a lead generation video or a product overview, they can increase conversions by 30% or more! What would that be worth to your company?

Animated illustration styles range from hand drawn, sketched looks to whiteboard animation, to full characters and colorful environments. Or you can add some “wow” with kinetic typography (moving text) and motion branding.

Unlike live action video footage, these elements are all digital – nothing exists until our creative video production team puts it together.

Here are some examples to get your imagination started. Most of these explainer videos are animated, with a few HD video samples tucked in to show variety.

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