Frederick County Bank integrated marketing campaign - Smooch

Behind-the-Scenes with Frederick County Bank

When dropping the curtain raises the bar for a community bank.

If relationships are really at the core of your business, and you aren’t afraid to be human, then a behind-the-scenes campaign may be perfect for you. It’s been a very well-received, integrated marketing adventure for Frederick County Bank.

Under the agency guidance and coordination of Jean Peterson Design, Frederick County Bank began an integrated media marketing campaign a year ago that portrays their client relationships in a light ­hearted way. The campaign includes a series of photo and video ads which work together, but tell different sides of the stories. The photos showcase bank center managers of FCB attempting to perform duties held by their clients, always in an unsuccessful and humorous manor. An example tagline reads, “We’ll leave the makeup to Smooch!” (Smooch! Studio is a hair and makeup salon). And you may have seen these photos in Frederick Magazine, on the side of Frederick Transit buses, and in the bank’s lobbies.

The companion videos serve more as a behind­-the­-scenes look into the production of the finished photo ads, while giving insight into the trust and comfort between FCB and their clients. Interviews are recorded of those appearing in the photographs, elaborating on their feelings towards each other as well as the nerves they have going into the photo shoots.

The video ads also help explain what the photo ads are saying, and introduce a sincere aspect to FCB employees and their clients. An apparent level of appreciation is shown from FCB to their clients in theses videos after FCB employees attempt to perform tasks done by their clients. The ads also highlights how FCB is a community bank.

The whole campaign is quite clever, with a line in the print ads that encourage people to visit the website to see the behind-the-scenes video. And the video is used on social media to get people to the banks. Plus, they are ton of fun to shoot, edit and fully produce.

Using an integrated media campaign can be a very effective marketing tool if done correctly. So to borrow a phrase from the bank’s campaign, we’ll leave your business to you, and make sure you leave the video marketing to us!

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