3 Make or Break Tips for Social Cause Marketing Videos

3 Make or Break Tips for Social Cause Marketing Videos

Research-proven strategies for getting the most out of your fund-raising video

Would you build a house without blueprints? Then don’t plan anything til you hear these facts.

Use these three research-proven tactics in your next social cause video to reach your campaign’s full potential.

DBU: 3 Tips for Social Cause Marketing

Are you in charge of fund raising or friend-raising at a non-profit organization? Then you’ve probably toyed with the use of video in meeting your goals. But there’s a big gap between what research shows is effective and what many of you are doing.

In this episode of Digital Bard University, I’ll show you the evidence so you can make your next video appeal powerful.

There is so much noise in our daily lives that it’s hard to break through with an appeal.

Getting someone’s attention today’s society is a lot like fishing- it’s half science and half art. The right combination of bait can bring you a huge haul of supporters. By knowing which emotions are the most persuasive and combining that with strong narrative and visual treatment that connects with the emotions of your viewer, you’ll be able to land whales instead of minnows in no time.

Social cause marketing scholars agree on a few points:

1. First, set the mood. Set the mood with music and by showing the facial expressions that represent the emotion you want the audience to feel. Many scholars agree that this duo is a powerful combination.

2. Secondly, show, don’t tell. A strong narrative structure has been shown to be very effective in a visually-based social cause marketing campaign. Don’t narrate, instead, show a story.

3. Third, make ‘em feel empathetic. Emotions, especially empathy and nostalgia, have been shown to be the most influential emotions in this particular genre of advertising. Allow the viewer to see themselves in this particular situation: use Point-of-View style imagery – and they’ll start to feel themselves in the situation. And from there, they want to get involved to help (themselves).

Do your own research – watch a few social cause marketing videos and see which ones you connect with. Notice when you are inclined to take action (through volunteering, donating or advocating) and when you don’t.

Then, put these three powerful tips to work for your next non-profit marketing video. Let us know how it works and what kind of results you had, and you could be featured in an upcoming Digital Bard University episode.