Local creatives “blitz” lucky non-profit

American Advertising Federation (AAF) hosts Creative Blitz for “Cocktails for a Cause”

Do you know of a worthy non-profit in the Frederick area that could use a makeover? You might want to tell the American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick.

Their recent Creative Blitz for “Cocktails for a Cause,” a local non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness [and a few glasses] just received a huge assortment of new marketing, web, video, and graphic design tools and materials that will make such a great non-profit even greater… thanks to the American Advertising Federation‘s Creative Blitz!

AAF’s Creative Blitz was full of local talent- Digital Bard, Worx Graphic Design, Want2Grow?, Enmasse, Kalico Design, PropertyRoom.com, Greenbaum & Bernstein, Ascendex, Aynex DesignsMary Kate McKenna Photography, Cornerstone Catering all contributed more than $7,600 in services and food!

To learn how you can be a part of AAF- Greater Frederick, go to www.AAFFrederick.org today. Which of your favorite non-profits will you nominate for the AAF’s next Creative Blitz in Frederick, Maryland?


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