Today is the last day to get stock footage at 90% off from Video Blocks!

Using B-Roll from Video Blocks to increase user interest (and conversions)

Ever watch a video that lacks visual appeal? A talking head is rarely interesting to watch for more than a few seconds, regardless what that talking head is saying.

That’s where “B-Roll” comes in. B-Roll is action-oriented footage that visually explains what the audience is hearing.

It makes for a much more interesting video, which means your audience will watch your video longer… And user interest is strongly linked to conversion and sales. Good all around in our opinion.

So where do you get B-Roll? You could shoot it yourself, or use stock footage (B-Roll other people shoot and sell). And we have good news if you go for the latter…

We just found out that Video Blocks (a stock footage & sound distribution hub) is offering a 90% discount for anyone who signs up before the end of this month. But heads-up, today is the last day!

“For just $99 (normally $948), you get an entire year of unlimited downloads to everything on AE templates, motion backgrounds, footage, production music, sound effects and more.”

We definitely jumped on this sale- stock footage is often pricey. We use stock footage from Video Blocks often, it helps us increase production value without substantially increasing a production budget.Using B-Roll in your videos can generate user interest, which in turn can generate conversions. And we’re all about helping you increase conversions with video.

It’s easy to sign up with Video Blocks:
Enter the coupon code AUGSPECIAL99 during signup to get the discount!

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