Wurlitzer video featured on Texas Theatre Organ website

Organ history video gets noticed in the Lone Star state

“As the webmaster of for the Houston, TX Theatre Organ Society, I would like to set up a page on the history of the pipe organ. You guys have one of the best vids I’ve seen in my 50 years of playing. May I use it?”  Emery Waters

That’s the email we got from Mr. Waters in May after he saw one of the short films we created about the Wurlizter Organ at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in downtown Frederick, MD. One of the oldest installations still in use on the east coast, the organ is featured several times each season when the Weinberg shows classic silent films.

Digital Bard create two short films about the organ at the request of staff and volunteers who wanted audiences to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for how the organ works. One of the shorts is shown to tour groups and before select silent film perfornmances. DVDs are available for sale, with proceeds benefitting the Wurlitzer maintanence fund.

Here’s the award-winning video that caught Mr. Water’s eye. You can also see it here: http://www.htosonline.com/history.html

“The Granddaddy of the Synthesizer: The Mighty Wurlitzer,” a look inside the technical aspects of this unique theater organ at the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, MD. See how it works, from bellows and blowers to pipes and sound louvers to the actual instruments (drums, triangle, horns and clappers) that bring a film to life.  The HD video includes exclusive footage from inside the locked instrument chambers of the Weinberg Center installation.

We enjoyed every moment spent recording interviews, climbing inside the hallowed chambers and learning what makes this Wurlitzer Organ so special.


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