Showcase the main features of an app with an explainer video

Apps are one of the many conveniences that have become almost a daily necessity for most of us.  You can find apps that help you check traffic, recognize that new favorite song, capture seminar notes and meeting brainstorms, and provide some fun for those moments when you have time to kill.  With so many options for users to choose from, how do you get your app to stand out from competitors and in front of your target audience?

Authentic "cast" and stellar planning make this government video a social media success!

When you design your video campaign, are you taking a moment to anticipate the steps you might need to take when your posted video gets 15,000 views in the first 10 hours? (Step 1: pick your jaw up off the floor, fist bump your marketing team, call your best friend, and pull the string on the party poppers!)

Increase lead generation and win back time with video

Agencies often work through jam-packed schedules with lots of coffee and a few late night work days.  With that kind of crazy schedule, it can be easy to get caught up in making progress for all of your clients and customers, only to find yourself looking back and realizing that you’ve let your own marketing gather dust in the corner. It’s an easy trap to fall into - we find ourselves doing it from time to time, too. But taking the time to make a video marketing plan now will give you back even more of your time and resources in the long run.  Strengthen your resolve with this success story.

Not so fast, D.C.! The City of Frederick shows exactly what we have to offer at Friday's Movie Night on the Creek.

There is a lot of pride roaming the streets of Frederick. And when you ask individuals employed in the City of Frederick, there is almost an unspoken secret they all share. Yes, Frederick is a great community to work in. And the City of Frederick just can't hold back this secret any longer. So Digital Bard created a powerful recruitment video for businesses in the technical fields, made possible by deep and long standing relationships with others in the community. Here's how...