How business travel is changing with technology

[caption id="attachment_6139" align="alignleft" width="225"]Atlanta_6am Atlanta, 6 a.m.[/caption] I was at a business conference in Atlanta last week, and the attendees came from all over the US, Canada, and about four places across the world. It's a relatively small group for a conference, perhaps 60 people, and I find I am asking a number of guests the same question:  “How often do you fly to see a client or make a pitch, and are you using video conferencing and similar technologies in any way?” 

Mini-documentary brings big production challenges

Digital Bard team in Equatorial GuineaI had the opportunity to travel to Africa’s west coast in May to create a 10-minute video documenting the rapid transformation taking place in the small sub-Saharan country of Equatorial Guinea. The crew spent two weeks shooting 20 interviews of local business, government, and biodiversity experts, along with capturing a wide variety of video and stills of the country. The final video turned out absolutely great. However, none of it would have been possible without making the necessary preparations prior to traveling to this exotic location.