Award-winning campaign for water park "Hawaiian Falls" succeeds because of relationships, great visuals and FOMO.

Marketing specialist Julie Dion and I dive right in (pun intended), discussing her wildly successful campaign called “Summer of Awesome.” This is a clever campaign, both in the water park and on social media, designed to entice patrons into purchasing season passes for Hawaiian Falls, a popular group of waterparks in Texas. The 2017 campaign successfully provided visibility to some of the water park's pre-established events and promotions, while simultaneously instilling a fear of missing out (FOMO) by offering various new events and promotions exclusive to season pass holders.

De-mystify the promotions planning process for entertainment venues.

While marketing an entertainment venue sounds easy, that’s not always the case, and sometimes some coaching and guidance is needed. That’s where Rosie Salas comes in. Rosie is the Director of Marketing at TrainerTainment, an instructional marketing service that focuses on family entertainment centers and bowling alleys. She’s had 15 years of experience marketing for family entertainment centers, casinos, and minor league baseball franchises -- so she knows a thing or two. In this podcast episode, Rosie provides effective, practical, and manageable marketing tips for family entertainment centers and other venues, including creating a Birthday Club for hosting parties, email marketing, and “throwback” kind of marketing with street teams handing out flyers.

Park City, UT attracts visitors year-round with inviting video campaign on YouTube.

Sarah Myers talks about Park City’s award-winning “First Timers" online video series, including how they planned it, promoted it and results seen. We also discuss disruptive marketing and how she wants their website to be used by their audience.

Arts and Destination Marketing Pro Anneliese DeDiemar shares the secrets of developing awesome guest relationships.

Marketers often struggle with turning the one-time guest or patron into a meaningful long-term relationship. And while it isn't simple to do, you CAN convert a visitor to your theater, attraction or destination into a brand ambassador. Just follow these tips from Anneliese DeDiemar from Imagination Stage.