Museums are captivating guests with videos, before, during and after a visit.

In this digital age of constantly connected cell phones and media streams, it can be hard for museums to capture the attention of potential visitors, especially young children. That is why video and interactivity are becoming essentials for many museums. Here are several ideas you can use to market your museum better and increase guest engagement.

Go behind the scenes with podcast guest Amy Stevens as she defines "activation," gives examples of knowing your audience, dealing with haters, and pushing creative boundaries forward.

What was your first concert? Your favorite concert? These are questions almost everyone loves answering, and concert promoter Amy Stevens makes it her job to give music fans stories worth sharing. Her goal is for the concert going experience to begin before tickets are even purchased.

Align your videos properly within the sales funnel for impressive ROI. At Digital Bard, we believe in disconnecting. Take a weeklong to the unplug at the beach, reconnect with friends at a weekend destination, or scare yourself silly by jumping out of your comfort zone and...

Auto-play and improved engagement on social media mean a native Facebook upload is almost always a better choice.

If you use Facebook at all, you've probably noticed that posts with visuals are at least as common as text-only posts. That's because Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. Simultaneously, we know that videos on YouTube are a powerful SEO tool since Google owns YouTube and favors videos in search results. How are you supposed to know which platform to use when sharing videos?

Reaching a guest with multiple marketing touches keeps this historic theater top-of-mind with modern audiences.

Since 2015, Ashley Birdsell Lewis has been the Weinberg Center for the Arts’ manager of marketing and only employee in her department. In this podcast episode, Whitney mines Ashley for her not-so-secret formula of running a one-woman marketing team. (Spoiler: it includes equal parts data and coffee, and a whole lot of following her gut.)

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