Career, Freelance, Apprenticeship and Internship Opportunities at Digital Bard

If you are looking for a career position with a company that makes a strategic and real impact for the businesses and nonprofit organizations it works with, Digital Bard is a great place to be!

Career positions here cover the MARKETING side of things as well as the VIDEO side of things. You don’t have to do both, but you DO need to understand how they play well together. There are several paths to a position with our video marketing team, including staff positions, freelance/contractor opportunities, a 90-day paid apprenticeship, and traditional for-credit internships.

Staff team buildingThe team is tight-knit and collaborative, with each bringing a specialty to the mix while also understanding enough about each other’s jobs to support and reinforce skills. Cross-training and ongoing professional development are highly encouraged.

Team members are expected to be directive with clients, guiding them to success. We work to provide our clients with quality services in unexpected ways. By fostering a culture of “anticipatory care,” we delight our clients by finding opportunities to anticipate what they’ll need and supply it before they ask for it. Being responsive to a request is important, but anticipating a need and taking care of it is magic.

Career Positions

Do you fit one or more of these descriptions?

  • You recognize strong, clear marketing messages when you hear them, and are compelled to create them whenever possible.
  • You rock it behind the camera, with an eye for great video composition, the emotions of lighting and movement, and a directive journalism style.
  • You know all the Adobe Premiere shortcuts by heart, can’t stand a cut when a dissolve would be better, and realize the video isn’t done until the sound mix is right.
  • You like the puzzle of setting up a digital marketing campaign, optimizing the bid, installing the Pixel and reporting on the metrics.
  • You are not only a smither of words, but you understand the difference between kerning and leading when it comes time to lay it out in a graphic.
  • You are a gifted graphic designer who puts things in motion in animation and motion graphics.

Career positions are filled on a rolling, competitive basis. You gotta come with a curious mind, a positive attitude and some professional experience. Applicants should be able to conduct a 30-minute mini-seminar on your area of expertise. If you are not informed or confident enough about what you bring to the party to imagine doing this, you are not ready to apply.

Contract, Freelance and Specialty Positions

When we have overflow or specialized needs that cannot be fulfilled by our in-house team, we reach out to contract specialists who can follow our systems. These may include voice-over artists, 3D animators, writers, camera operators, etc.  If you are interested in submitting information to be considered for a contract or freelancer opportunity, please complete this form:

Apprenticeship Positions

Our apprenticeships put qualified individuals into a paid, 90-day program where you get hands-on experience in a professional setting. We get you involved with client work asap, and select at least one project for you to “own” from start to finish. This gives you career insights into production processes and client-handling techniques rarely learned in a classroom. You develop new skills and portfolio material. Finally, top apprentices are sometimes offered an ongoing position with Digital Bard. 🙂

Apprentices are selected on a rolling, competitive basis. You gotta come with a curious mind, a positive attitude and some skills. We will further develop your talents but you must be able to show some examples of what you’ve done already. Student work and personal projects are fine. If you do not have samples, you are not ready for this program.

Internship Positions

We are very committed to helping students learn relevant work experience and qualify for college credit. Our interns do much more than get coffee and file paperwork. As much as possible, we get you involved with in-house projects and client work. We are frequently able to identify a project the intern can “own” from start to finish, creating a useful portfolio piece by the time they finish with us.

To qualify, you must be a current student at a college or university that will give you credit for successfully completing the internship. If you are looking for entry-level experience but will not be able to get credit for it, apply for an Apprenticeship instead.

For additional insights on what we look for, read How To Apply for an Internship in Video Marketing

Submission deadlines for Interns: 

  • Fall:  Second Friday in August
  • Winter: Last Friday in December
  • Spring: Second Friday of February
  • Summer:  First Friday in May

How to Apply

We celebrate strong written communication skills, following instructions and following up on your opportunity. To apply:

  1. Start by writing a cover letter to introduce yourself and why you think you’d make a great addition to the team.
  2. Provide a resume of related jobs, skills, and talents.
  3. Provide samples of your work that are relevant to the desired position. This could be additional writing samples, video samples, design samples, etc.


Email materials to: Qualifying candidates will be invited to interview and take a strengths assessment.


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