City of Frederick Tech Recruitment

City of Frederick Makes a Big Splash in Tech Recruitment

Not so fast, D.C.! The City of Frederick shows exactly what we have to offer at Friday’s Movie Night on the Creek.

There is a lot of pride roaming the streets of Frederick. And when you ask individuals employed in the City of Frederick, there is almost an unspoken secret they all share. Yes, Frederick is a great community to work in. And the City of Frederick just can’t hold back this secret any longer. So Digital Bard created a powerful recruitment video for businesses in the technical fields, made possible by deep and long standing relationships with others in the community. Here’s how…

When it comes to making a video about Frederick, we don’t know of anyone who has more archived footage, resources, business relations, and local knowledge than Digital Bard has. Let me give you an example. Almost simultaneously, Digital Bard was hired to create video content for Frederick County Tourism and for the City of Frederick’s Business Economic Development Office. There is an abundance of crossover footage that we were able to collect simultaneously. Along with that, Digital Bard has YEARS of footage collected within the Frederick community. As with most communities, many events are seasonal or only come by once a year; and chances are, Digital Bard has been there to record it. We value and nurture relationships with businesses, organizations and government entities that have given us access to some amazing events, discussions, historical assets and more.

We also use those relationships within the community to help cast talent for videos. Having business relationships with prominent tech businesses like Regent Education gives Digital Bard an unfair advantage. In fact, we’ve already created a recruitment video for Regent Education, so interviewing their head of recruiting only made sense for both parties. We know who to put on camera because we’ve been here, we already know the players, and that makes this process much more seamless and efficient than it would for any outsider.

The video is titled “Work Where There’s Room to Play,” and it debuted at Movie Night on the Creek hosted by the Downtown Frederick Partnership on Friday, August 21.

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