Patriot Tech Hexis Intrepid cyber security top secret graphic

Creating immersive events with video

Motion graphics merge a WWII look with modern cyber security.

2014 ended in a bang with an immersive video project for Patriot Technologies. The ultimate goal for this video was to help create an overall, themed experience for a cyber-security conference. Combining heavy pre-planning and scripting, our green screen with strategic lighting, and a variety of post-production effects, we succeeded in creating a believable situation and environment to add new pizzazz to a software demonstration.

It all starts with an idea. Patriot Technologies in Maryland partnered with Hexis Cyber Solutions in Texas to hold an all-day retail security conference at the aircraft carrier Intrepid in New York. (Hence the need for lots of pre-event coordination.) The location inspired the theme and allowed this to be more than your typical software demo. Retail security is a hot topic and the repercussions of a security breach can be devastating. No retail corporation wants to think that they aren’t fully equipped with strong defenses against an attack on their establishment.

To ease the pressure on these sensitivities without sugar-coating the significance of the subject matter, Patriot Technologies and Hexis Cyber Solutions wanted to create an enjoyable and immersive themed experience for their guests. They started with a WWII militia theme, creating “top-secret” print mailings and emails to introduce the security conference to their target audience. But they wanted more than just themed print collateral. They were aiming to carry the WWII theme through the entire demo experience, but with a modern twist. Kind of like Marvel’s “Captain America,” if there were cyber crimes happening. This is where Digital Bard comes in.

Patriot Technologies had a big, black SUV pick up attendees to take them to Intrepid (think FBI). We worked with them to create a video production plan that would incorporate the WWII top secret mission throughout the event. By combining the atmosphere of the 40’s and 50’s with the tech of the future, we found a look and style that would appropriately capture the seriousness of the topic while engaging and delighting the viewer.

You can get a behind the scenes glimpse at the production steps in our video above.

Ultimately we created two videos. The first video was created to be a video message from a high-ranking officer. When the attendees stepped into the vehicle, they were handed a tablet which was pre-loaded and set to play the first video. This way, the attendees were up-to-date on the current security data. Once they arrived at Intrepid, they were taken into the main demo room, where a TV displayed a “waiting for transmission” message. At the click of a hidden button, the produced video played like a live transmission in which the high-ranking officer de-briefed the soldiers (the attendees) on their mission and the security weapon created to set upon the hackers.

At the conclusion of the conference, Patriot Technologies shared the news that not only did the event go off terrifically but they received great feedback and new customers. How can you use themed video to engage and immerse your customers?

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