DB Celebrates a Weinberg Center Star

Short Film speaks volumes about a Silent Film era Star

As the official video company of the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, MD, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of stars at the Center. From singers to actors, dance studios to one man comedy shows, we seen and taped dozens of hours of great performances.

So when theater manager John Healey suggested we create a short film about the Weinberg’s oldest star, we were intrigued. You see, he was referring to “The Mighty Wurlitzer Organ,” the oldest theater organ of its kind still in its original installation in Maryland. As we researched its history, we found out that it is one of just a handful on the East Coast, and silent movie buffs drive hours to enjoy the Wurlitzer with an old film.

Digital Bard spent three days videotaping in glorious high definition,  collecting interviews with the organist and maintenance crew, climbing inside the instrument chambers to see what is tucked in each and every nook and crawling under the console and stage to videotape the inner workings of the mighty organ.

Two unique videos were edited by Production Jedi  Sam Tressler, IV – one focusing on the history of the Wurlitzer organ and one explaining how it works.  Sam combed through hours of archived footage online and found some wonderful clips of the original Wurlitzer factory, early silent films and period films. He also incorporated many photos and images from the Weinberg’s own history files to create these truly entertaining short films.

Now, before each silent movie, one of the videos will be played to give theater goers a deeper appreciation for the one-of-a-kind experience the Mighty Wurlitzer brings to the Weinberg Center. Please see the Weinberg’s Calendar of Events for your next opportunity to enjoy the show!

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