Design agency uses video to build relationships.

Stories from risk-takers strengthen the bond between firm and target audience

Since January 2014, Digital Bard has been working with Worx Graphic Design to present The Green Couch Project, a series of videos where entrepreneurs share their passions, their fears, the obstacles they’ve faced and much more. What started as a passion project for Worx owner Laura Wallace has now grown to include audio podcasts, social media engagement and even a live event in January of this year.

With video leading the content plan, logical derivatives such as the podcasts, transcribed narratives and highlight promos has become efficient and extremely useful as the busy design house publishes to web and social media. The expanded publishing opportunities have dramatically increased the audience watching and participating in the conversation. In turn, Worx is developing a trusting community of business leaders more likely to do business with them.

Why caring meant more sharing

The Green Couch Project originally focused on two major questions utilized in the short video pieces, but the audience wanted to know more about what these entrepreneurs had to say and the experiences that they went through. To meet this new demand, we began to record the audio of the “warm up” questions while capturing b-roll for the use in creating full length podcasts.

Now, as the project evolves further, we are finding that there are even more powerful stories coming out in the opening questions, so as a team Digital Bard and Worx Graphics are discussing new ways to improve upon the stories we are telling with The Green Couch Project.

Results, Awards and the Future

  • Since it launched in February 2014, GCP videos have been viewed thousands of times, from people across the country and the world.
  • Laura Wallace wrote and published a book called “Brandstarter,” based on her experience with entreprenuers who are struggling to really develop the look, tone and voice of their brands.
  • Prospects are now contacting Worx Graphic Design as a result of seeing The Green Couch Project and following the stories. The trust and rapport built help them identify with the agency’s core values, and seek them out.
  • After celebrating the first year of the Green Couch Project with the live event, “Unfabricated,” The Green Couch Project also received a Judge’s Choice Award and Gold Award in the 2015 America Advertising Federation- Greater Frederick Awards.
  • The campaign has also received a Silver Communicator Award for an online web series.
  • As the project continues to grow and inspire, The Worx team is planning on taking the show on the road, possibly with a trip to New York City where they plan to hold another “Unfabricated” live event.

Want to get inspired, and see how Worx ties the campaign together? Start with the You Tube channel, at

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