Digital Bard “BANG”s an energetic video for fitness client

Using music and video effects to quickly set the tone

We recently produced a participant demo video for BANG Workout — a fierce fitness group that features hip hop, funk and dance music. Amanda Strand, co-creator of BANG Workout, has been a frequent guest and trainer on TV shows like Good Morning Washington and needed a way to showcase exactly what BANG is.  

Digital Bard worked with Amanda’s team to select a location that reflected the slightly raw and what she calls “stanky” feel of the brand.  Visual effects and a keen sense of musical timing were needed to produce a short, music-driven video, punctuating it with just a few key phrases essential to the brand.

Through quick cuts and an uptempo pace, the video captures the essence of BANG. The video is in use on their website, Vimeo VOD channel, newsletters, social media, etc.

“Absolutely fantastic!  Love it!!  Cannot love it enough!!” – Amanda Strand, co-creator,

See the appearance here:

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