Digital Bard Produces Documentary to Air on History Channel

Triumph Over Adversity in Africa: The Story of Equatorial Guinea

On Friday, October 19th, 2018 at 7:00 AM, a new documentary called Triumph Over Adversity in Africa: The Story of Equatorial Guinea airs on the History Channel. Its release commemorates the 50th anniversary of Equatorial Guinea’s independence from Spain. The documentary shares the little-known story of the rollercoaster journey Equatorial Guinea took to become the stable African nation it is today. Digital Bard recently completed production on the documentary in partnership with East West Communications.

Nestled along the west coast of Africa, Equatorial Guinea is a small, Spanish-speaking country that seized its independence from Spain’s colonial rule in 1968. It was not easy transition. The documentary details the attempted coups, oppression and genocide, and economic disasters that ultimately ended in the nation’s recovery and path to success. Oil and gas were discovered offshore in the 1990’s, and today’s Equatorial Guinea enjoys a high standard of living and plays a vital role in regional and continental affairs.

After months of exhaustive pre-production research, two local videographers spent 10 days in Equatorial Guinea for production in 2017. They captured hours of film footage and interviews with historians, journalists, business and government leaders and citizens. Post-production editing took producers six months and over 100 hours to complete the documentary, which incorporates rare, archival, historical footage and photos.

This is the second project completed in partnership with East West Communications for Equatorial Guinea. “On the Road of Transformation” is an 11-minute mini-documentary completed in 2014.

The one-hour documentary will air on the History Channel in English. It is also translated into Spanish and French on the 5,000 copies of BluRay discs that the government of Equatorial Guinea will release.

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