4 Tips for Rocking your Facebook Video Ad

Get 6X the Results from a Facebook Video Ad

Engaging content plus correct targeting gives animal preserve some WILD results!

We thought you’d enjoy seeing the snapshot of the recent video ad we produced and then promoted on Facebook for a client. It got outstanding results, about 6X the national average! Want to know how we did it?

We’ve been working with Catoctin Wildlife Preserve for years and through a tight relationship and several trips there each season, we’ve built up quite a library of amazing video footage. For a “product” like a wildlife park, the animal stars don’t always follow the script. You have to be patient to get the best footage, but those moments are SO worth the wait.

To help the preserve kick off the start of the 2018 season, we utilized guest and animal footage captured in 2017. Banking footage when the landscape is vibrant and the guests are all tan and happy definitely beats almost any video you’d be likely to record during March in Maryland. Two 15-second Facebook video ads were edited, approved and posted on Facebook. (Because of the close, long relationship with this client, Digital Bard is an authorized manager of the page and can post, edit, boost and comment on behalf of the client.)

Starting in late April, we boosted the video ad that you see with this article.

  • The boost parameters targeting people who live with 45 miles of the Preserve and met some behavioral targets, like animal lovers, families, etc.
  • The video ends with an onscreen link to discount coupons found on the preserve’s website.
  • There, Google Analytics pick up the game by showing us how many hits the page gets and from what sources. This is a landing page, so it is pretty easy to track where the website visitor traffic is coming from.
  • Finally, the discount coupon has a code in the corner, so when the coupon is redeemed at the admissions counter, there is no question as to how the guest got the coupon.

Results from the Facebook promotion are in:

Facebook Video Ad Results for Wildlife Preserve

Based on these strong results, we used the same video and started a new campaign, this time targeting people who are Friends with someone who has like their Facebook Page and are traveling within 45 miles of the Preserve. This will run through Memorial Weekend and seeks to capture the folks visiting family nearby. Clever, eh?

We’re recognized as a top Video Marketing Company on DesignRush!

4 Tips to Rock your Facebook Video Ads

    1. Start with high-quality action footage of the “product in use.” For attractions, this is often your guest interacting with the environment, rides, animals and other guests. Show how much fun they are having, or how surprised they are by an interaction.
    2. Edit the video in such a way that audio becomes optional. Since many viewers do not engage audio when scrolling through their social media feed, your video ad must make sense with as few words as possible. While our video ad for this destination has a light, fun music soundtrack and the oohs and ahhs of guests having a great time, you can mute the video and still understand the message.
    3. Use behavioral, interest and geographic targeting to get a tight, well-qualified audience. We like to see a high percentage of responses from a small test audience before turn up the volume on the spend. Experiment a little to find what works best, then “double down” on the same audience with new content, or use proven content on a new audience.
    4. Think through the engagement cycle with website landing pages. You can choose to keep your viewers on Facebook by linking to an Event page or an Offer page. In this case, they wanted viewers to see the website so they went with a landing page. This option gives you the ability to retarget, as well.

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