People buy what they understand. Improve your lead conversion with video.

Do you offer a product or service that needs to be demonstrated before prospects will buy it? Ease them into the conversation with a Process Videos (for services) or Explainer Videos (for products).

Process Videos enhance your personal relationship by showing your client you know what they are wondering before they even ask. It demonstrates you have a system for success, and you will guide them through it, just as you have many other happy customers.

An Animated Explainer Video allows you to show off the benefits of your product quickly and simply, qualifying a prospect by giving them insight into core features of your product. Animated explainer videos are very popular and effective, and are well suited for products in manufacturing or tech. Styles can range from full character animation to whiteboard, in 2D, 3D and mixed styles.

Want some ideas? Watch this portfolio of Explainer Videos.


Start planning your explainer or process video by learning four ways confusion ruins your results and what to do instead.

Once a prospect has become a client, a whole new set of questions usually emerge. What if you anyone in your office could explain the essential next steps to each new client, concisely and consistently, easing anxiety, questions and guess work? By committing the information to a short video, you are able to deliver “just in time” information to your clients in an extremely professional manner.

Process Videos can be coupled with templated emails for quick delivery to your clients, either on a pre-planned scheduled or triggered by a phase of work. It does not replace a personal touch, but frees you and the client up for higher level discussions, since the video covers the FAQs about steps. And since it is visual, clients absorb and remember it more than a simple text description.

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