Recruitment Videos: Show top talent why they can’t live without you.

Structured but unscripted interviews are often the basis for great recruitment videos. Through a planned, guided conversation, we get a more natural, authentic on-camera presence. Interview clips are edited together with supporting b-roll footage for recruitment videos that look and feel organic and real.

Digital Bard has developed recruitment videos for educational institutions (pre-K to college), top tech firms and business corridors.


Effective recruitment videos accomplish three tasks:

  1. Lead with company culture. We know you don’t just want MORE applicants, you want right-fit applicants.  By leading with culture of your company, you will attract recruits who align with your mission, vision and values.  Of course, a recruitment video will show the office, lab or environment your employees enjoy. It will also show how your teams interact with each other and with your clients.  Video can also let an applicant hear from team members and your leadership as they provide a first-person view of why your brand is amazing.
  2. Set a clear expectation of the type of candidate that will be successful with you (and who won’t). Like any good match, knowing what qualities, skills and talents you seek are important. This helps the right candidates feel confident and excited about applying for a career with you. Coincidentally, it also helps poorly-matched candidates opt-out before they start taking up your time.
  3. Help qualified applicants see the future career path they could take with your company.  Today’s top talent are interested in more than just an immediate paycheck. They want to know about opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Recruiting videos can help them understand what is possible as a member of your organization.

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