How to ask a customer to be in your video.

Even “shy” customers will contribute testimonials if approached with care.

Having a client describe what it’s like to do business with you is a golden addition to your relationship building tools.  What better way to know how they feel about working with you than to ask them? But many people get shy around cameras and will decline your request if it isn’t properly presented. Here’s how to improve your chances of getting a “yes!”

Asking for comments on a customer’s experience is something you may be already doing to get reviews on Google, Facebook or LinkedIn. Start there, and add a few more considerations for the visual nature of video.

First, think through who might be your best representative on camera.

Ask yourself:
  1. Who best represents the type of future business I want to cultivate?
  2. Who are my tenured customers, ones that know me well?
  3. Do they sincerely value what service/product I provide?
  4. Do they say so with enthusiasm? To me or others?
  5. Have they offered to support/help me in some form or another (referral, Facebook sharing and likes, etc)?
  6. Do they smile, make eye contact and are generally easy to engage in conversation?
  7. Can they realistically commit 30 minutes to meet my deadline?

Once you have identified who best advocates for you, give them a fun chance to help you grow your business. Calls are better than email since you want to share some of your excitement and get personal. Make this script your own, inserting your own details, names, and style.

It can sound something like this:

“I’m hoping you can help me out with something (people like to be helpful). Remember how awesome it was to work together on that thing we did? Well, we have set a goal to do more awesome work like that with more fabulous people like you.

We’d love to do a short interview with you to talk about it. We have hired Digital Bard, our video production company, to pitch you a few simple questions and film it. We will use the clips and comments in our marketing. Can you help us out with that?”

Once they say “yes,” likely they will have other questions, including what they will be asked, can they prepare in advance, how long does it take, what to wear, and if George Clooney will be in the dressing room? Your video production company should have a project manager that takes care of all of that, so simply connect the client with the video pro and let them take care of it.

And this doesn’t need to be dry, “talking heads” stuff. Here are a few examples of client testimonials and case study videos we’ve completed.


A very valuable part of your marketing campaign are the words of trust and confidence your customers say about you and the service/products you provide. Now that you know how to make them comfortable, why not ask a few clients to share comments and case studies?


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