How to market your App with video

How to market your App with video

Showcase the main features of an app with an explainer video

Apps are one of the many conveniences that have become almost a daily necessity for most of us.  You can find apps that help you check traffic, recognize that new favorite song, capture seminar notes and meeting brainstorms, and provide some fun for those moments when you have time to kill.  With so many options for users to choose from, how do you get your app to stand out from competitors and in front of your target audience?

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) developed an interactive app for a digital version of their print magazine.  Now, most of their tribe already subscribes to their print magazine, but with their busy travel schedules, this app keeps them up-to-date on relevant news, and can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere.

We collaborated with NBAA through Bates Creative (one of Digital Bard’s agency friends) to create this animated promo video for the digital magazine app.  The video enables NBAA to capture their users’ attentions and provide them with all the benefits of the app without overwhelming them with information.

Let’s breakdown the benefits to using an animated promo video…

Strong visuals   Firstly, it’s video.  There are plenty of stats that show that photos and video get more engagement in marketing and social media.  You’re part of the cool kids club by choosing to include video in your marketing strategy.

Promo video vs Product Demo  By approaching the video as a promo video, we focused on the benefits, not the specifics of step-by-step use instructions.  This provides a high-level benefits overview of why the user should try the app and entices them to download it.  Product Demos showing detailed app instructions can follow this video within a video marketing plan.  If the user isn’t interested in downloading the app, why demonstrate how to use it?

Longer shelf life  With motion graphics and animation, you can simplify steps and show the benefits of the end result without getting into the “click here, then select your option, click ok” nitty-gritty details that come with a screen recording.  This means the video doesn’t need to be updated every time you update the app.  Detailed changes in the user interface or back-end functionality won’t affect the visuals in the video.

Library of Legos  With graphics and motion created for the first video, you have now started your video lego library!  This means that you already have pieces to pull from when you want to create your next video.  We hold onto your assets and can combine previously created elements with new ones to build a video library for you.  Soon your marketing strategy can include a promo video, product demos, tribe building videos, and so much more.

Show off the functionality and style of your app and let video do the show and tell for you.  Creating eye-catching and shareable marketing allows your tribe to market for you, expanding your marketing outreach.

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