Intern finds her groove at Digital Bard

Miranda Gardiner - intern at Digital Bard

Intern finds her groove at Digital Bard

FCC student uses skills and style during summer session.

Accepting an intern for the summer of 2015 was a great success for us with a qualified, dedicated student from FCC.

We hate to say goodbye (even temporarily) to Miranda Gardiner. She is enrolled in her last semester at Frederick Community College earning her Associate’s Degree in Digital Media Design and was a great fit here.

We rely on Jason Santelli, Program Manager of the Digital Media Design Television Production at Frederick Community College, to introduce us to exceptional students. He continues to be a strong educational partner for Digital Bard.

When screening interns, discovering their hobbies and interests turns out to be even more important than looking at their academic resume. We were able to determine that Miranda’s passions were the key to her commitment to our industry. Her hobbies include working at the Library as Page II, writing poetry and short stories, reading, and collecting old movies. Her interest in pursuing film began her senior year of high school while taking a video communications class. She fell in love with creating, editing, writing, and piecing together stories to make something beautiful. She is a very visual person and film allowed her to combine both her love of writing and creating stories. Her experiences lead her to working in film.

Part of the reason Miranda gelled so well with our team has to do with the pre-screening tool we use. Gallup Strengths Finder assessment gives us insight into potential team member’s skills and how they match and complement the skills of the rest of us “Bardians of the Galaxy.”

Miranda’s recall is as much a reflection on her goals and hard work as anything. “My first day at Digital Bard, I found my niche. This company cultivates an environment that is both uniquely inclusive and creative. There is so much positive energy due to their passion for the work they do. I discovered new strengths and got to utilize them as I gained hands on experience in film production and marketing.”

Continuing to be remarkable, Miranda was elected 2015 – 2016 President of Phi Theta Kappa – the world’s largest and most prestigious honor society for two-year college students. And if that discipline is any indication, Miranda can expect much success in her life and we will get to say “we knew her when……”