Marketing Spotlight: Business cards are tiny billboards

Make the most of your most accessible marketing weapon

Nearly everyone I coach uses business cards in some way. But when a Guerrilla Marketing pro uses business cards, they typically tell more than just your name, title and phone number. Your most accessible marketing weapon can work harder for you, helping you cross sell, upsell, and move a prospect to the next stage of the sales funnel by giving them a well defined reason to contact you about your services.

 A Guerrilla Marketing Pro uses that small piece of stiff paper like a tiny billboard, using both sides of the card to talk about what you can do for them. Think about it, for under 10 cents per copy, you can differentiate yourself from the competition, highlight a product or service, share a testimonial from a happy client or make an offer.

Power up your business card by following these three tips.

1. Highlight some of your key services on the back 
This may seem like an obvious one, but how many times have you received a business card from someone with the name of the company, their name and some cryptic logo that doesn’t tell you a thing about what they… do? Yes, use the typical contact information on the front, along with your tagline. On the back, use 3-4 bullets to highlight some of your services or the benefit of using your key product. This gives a prospect some very specific ways to think about you and how they can put your services and products to work for them.

2. Cross promote when you fill an order. 
We also use business cards to cross-promote to existing clients. Whenever we fulfill an order for DVD duplication, for example, we drop a customized business card in with the DVD that says “Thank you for your order,” then outlines our free replacement guarantee and again highlights some of our other services in bullets. This approach has been a quick and cost effective way to reinforce our offerings to current clients and keep them coming back for more.

 3. Use a QR code to take the recipient to a specific offer on your website. 

qr_code codeQR codes are those square barcode type graphics that can be configured to go to any URL address. You scan the code with your smartphone and are instantly connected to the website address. Most people are using this to connect to your homepage, which is probably a short address – one that could be easily typed in.

But what if you created a unique page on your website where an offer, discount or special is made? Chances are, that address contains at least one URL lengthening extension like “/2012/fall_special.” Who’s going to type that in?

By configuring a QR code to give a shortcut to that cumbersome website address, your conversion rates will dramatically increase because you’ve made it easy for a prospect to view and respond to your offer.

Action item

What can you do with business cards that takes the reader beyond name and number? Think about what you can do to make the most of those tiny billboards in your wallet and put them to work for you today.

Do you have other ideas for great use of business cards? We’d love to hear about some of your most creative and successful marketing ideas.


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