Orientation Video Streamlines Onboarding Process

New contractor intake just became a whole lot easier for Rapid Response

Rapid Response, a professional courier service in Laurel, MD, had a problem. They were spending a lot of time with new applicants, explaining the same information over and over. By creating a 12 minute video that professionally and consistently provides contractors with essential details, they’ve recovered several hours of administrative time each week while increasing the quality of applicants.

Steps for Success

In order to ensure that we are as informed as any of the company’s trainers, we first have the client supply us with an outline of the important subjects they must cover during orientation. Creating an outline for training projects helps the client analyze their process for items that are obsolete and unnecessary, as well as shed light on gaps that are missing from the process.

With the outline in hand, we sat down with Rapid’s orientation leaders and recorded a mock presentation of the applicants’ materials, only commenting if a portion of the outline was skipped. The real-time, spoken word recording allows us to expand upon that outline and design the video framework. Live presentations have a tendency to skip around a little bit, but with video, we have the opportunity to organize and streamline the information.

Using the outline and the recording of the mock presentation, a script was created and reviewed by the trainers to ensure all points were accurate and appeared in the appropriate order. We then gathered the visual elements (like copies of forms and equipment lists) to be depicted in the video. A professional actor was selected as the spokesperson, and all the recording and editing was completed.

Trigger questions for when to consider a process video

  • Do I give the same or very similar presentations over and over?
  • Is there a definable advantage to giving it live each time?
  • Am I certain my trainers are consistent between presentations, giving accurate and complete information each time?
  • What amount of time are we spending each week with routine process explanations? What would it be worth to us to recoup that time for more productive tasks?

Using videos for the purposes of repeated tasks, such as orientation or training, is an excellent way to reduce time, increase productivity and ensure a consistent passing of information. What many company’s do not realize is that it is also an excellent opportunity to examine their processes and determine what parts are working well, and which parts are not. You can do a task every day and not realize that there is a crucial step missing, but, if you sit down and examine the process, that missing step often becomes clear. Producing a training video forces you to examine your steps and sets you on the right path to ensuring the most efficient solution to your tasks every time.

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