Step 1: Plan the Campaign

A Flight Plan is for you if:

  • You’ve got a great product or service, however, sales are not what you want them to be.
  • Marketing is something that you get around to “when you can,” which honestly, isn’t often enough.
  • You sense there’s a problem or murky area in your marketing, but you don’t know what it is.
  • You worry about how harmful a marketing blindspot may be, and what it may be costing you in wasted ad spend or lost opportunities.
  • Because you feel like you are guessing too much, your confidence in executing marketing activities is low.
  • Few, if any, defined processes or expert marketing resources are in place.

Complete a Flight Plan and move confidently towards results!


“My experience with this process left me feeling amazed at how we could sell our mission most effectively and the opportunities we have to create a common voice and brand.” – Ashley Waters, DPA

Your Flight Plan is developed from a gap analysis of your marketing that identifies what’s working and what’s missing.

Your findings are presented, along with prioritized recommendations on where to start, how to measure results and what to phase in over time.

Reports contain a 6-month marketing plan with suggested tactics, cadence and the marketing channels to use for greatest impact.

Here’s the part that might surprise you: the recommendations are not always “make marketing videos.”

We often discover small holes in systems that can easily be fixed and nearly instantly start bringing you better marketing engagement. You’ll know the free and low-cost actions that can help you get some quick wins, plus a longer-range view of what your marketing strategy could include.

“Through guided workshops, we refined our brand story. The work was wonderfully distilled into cohesive phrasing and definitions. Whitney objectively helped us define our messaging channels and then create goals in each channel. We have a plan!!” – Karen Justice

Specific strategic marketing services may be offered, such as:

  • Positioning and Messaging Playbook:  Tap into a prospect’s hopes (and fears) to cut through the noise, in an “elevator speech,” pitch, website and sales one-sheet.
  • Video Platform Audit: A review of your video content and analytics to reveal how you can capture better results from your current videos,
  • Buyer Personas Cheatsheet:  Build the customer profiles you need to personalize your messages, spend less money to reach ideal prospects and convert them more quickly to buyers,
  • Customer Journey Roadmap: Build a yellow brick road they’ll love to travel, finding ways to wow customers and add impact without adding a lot of expenses.

Avoid false moves, wasted time and mismatched efforts.
Schedule a call today to see if a 5-4-3 Impact!™ Flight Plan is right for you.


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