Catoctin Wildlife Preserve (Social Media Hook)

“Family Visit” – A Zoo’s Video Ad for Social Media

Production for a series of videos for this interactive park occurs over several days each summer. This allows us to capture the preserve at various stages of flowers in bloom, along with the animals and exhibits as they change throughout the season. Lightly directed scenes are created with volunteer and guests (no paid talent). This provides the authenticity the Preserve wants in promoting the brand and experience guests have there.

This :15 video was created for Facebook, so there is no narration. Simple, short text phrases allow the content to move with little interruption, ending in our call to action.

As part of the boosted video campaign we ran for the Preserve and Zoo for one month, the video ad was served up to over 11,000 unique people within a distance of 45 miles of the park. Because of our behavioral targeting and dynamic visual production, the video had an astounding 2500 views of 95% or more, with an average watched percentage across all viewers of over 33%. The ads link to a landing page on the Preserve’s website, where another 25% of video ad viewers clicked through.

These social series videos won a Bronze Award for the 39th Annual Telly Awards in the category of Series Tourism & Leisure Total.

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