Crafted Cocktail Contest

Just For Fun, Social Media
About This Project

Sights, sounds and tastes come together for a cocktail lover’s dream day.

When Frederick Magazine schedules a contest to see who could whip up the tastiest, most visually appealing craft cocktails, we know we have to tag along. Hand-crafted cocktails are all the rage in small, independent bars. Patrons enjoy watching the mixologist create something unique. Watching the drink take shape before your eyes is almost as important to the experience as how it actually tastes. For tourists and guests, this could be the reason you choose a watering hole. And stay for seconds (or thirds).

This video was recorded and released just before the printed magazine edition hit the stands. The coordinated effort between digital exposure and print availability generates social media engagement, buzz and anticipation for Frederick Magazine. Digital Bard creates several video teasers a year for the publication, which has received positive response from readers and advertisers.