MEDI+SIGN: Digital Patient Whiteboards

MEDI+SIGN is a connected health platform with Digital Patient Whiteboard Solutions that are designed to improve satisfaction and coordination of care.

Using a combination of heartfelt comments captured during interviews, supporting footage, and graphics, this story was created to share how this small addition to the health field has made a big impact on patient care.

Digital screens can be difficult to capture on film in everyday environments. Add innovative technology and it can be a recipe for re-recordings and do-overs. Digital Bard worked with the care facilities and the technological experts to capture the digital whiteboard devices in their everyday use, and add in some of the screen layouts later. Using true to the tech graphics, motion was added in post to demonstrate the exact tools mentioned in interview content. This provided us flexibility in telling the strongest story, without being tied down to what additional visuals had or had not been recorded. The breakthrough technology could be demonstrated in it’s best light, and can be updated as technology advances.

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