Renovated Weinberg Center says “Thank you!” in Virtual Tour Video

Renovated Weinberg Center says “Thank you!” in Virtual Tour Video

Thanking donors through video tells a sincere story of gratitude

Has someone really stuck their neck out for you recently? The patrons of the Weinberg Center for the Arts in Frederick, MD  just supported new, period inspired renovations for the theater, which opened as the “Tivoli” in 1926. The non-profit arts center wanted to thank their supporters, but couldn’t afford a 5-star dinner for every single person who contributed! Here’s what they did:

Digital Bard made the Weinberg Center a virtual tour video that time-lapses significant portions of the renovation process, while graciously thanking the donors that made the renovations possible. This virtual tour and thank-you video allows the Weinberg Center to thank all their patrons and donors at the same time, saving them time and effort, while still being very sincere. It also advertises the renovations, attracting more visitors to the Weinberg Center.

To obtain the footage for the main theater make-over, Digital Bard recorded over 40 hours of HD video. New shots of the various parts of the center were edited together with footage recorded about 2 years before the renovations began. This provided a visual before/after comparison for donor and patrons alike. Theater manager John Healey was interviewed and explains the significance of the changes while revealing behind-the-scenes details.


Has someone supported your efforts recently? Making a thank-you video like the Weinberg Center is a great gesture of gratitude- it models the result and conveys a heartfelt message, like you were there in person to thank everyone individually.

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