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Guerrilla marketing attracts guests to a start-up escape room

Escape rooms have only become popular in the last ten years or so, and advertising this kind of experience involves a lot of explanation. Many people still aren’t familiar with the concept of escape rooms. So how are you supposed to effectively and creatively market this new interactive form of entertainment while educating the public at the same time? Well, Chris Sparks has it all figured out. Chris is the owner of Surelocked In Escape Games in Frederick, Maryland. His family-owned business dabbles in what he calls “special unorthodox marketing” -- and it’s working! Surelocked In has been tremendously successful and has earned an impressive return on its start-up investment, all thanks to Chris and his family’s energetic and unique marketing tactics.

Say goodbye to boring email signature lines by adding a short video.

Video email signatures are the perfect digital equivalent to a business card,  and allow you a lot of flexibility in how you choose to express what it is that you do, where you do it, and what you’re trying to accomplish. Here are four reasons why you (almost) definitely need your very own, plus a few rules to follow to achieve the best results.

A Guerrilla Marketing Pro uses that small piece of stiff paper like a tiny billboard, using both sides of the card to talk about what you can do for them. Think about it, for under 10 cents per copy, you can differentiate yourself from the...

How one Guerrilla Marketing technique resulted in an 80% response rate

Kim Dow of Kalico Design in Frederick, MD is the owner of a growing, independent design company. When she started receiving Guerrilla Marketing coaching, she had a happy client base and needed to expand it.