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Myths and advice when applying for an internship in film and video.

It's spring, so we'll soon start hearing from students who would like a summer internship with us. I love that. I love the new energy and new perspectives and I want to say "yes" to them all.  But I can't, and there are two main reasons why - two persistent myths about internships. And there are some actions you can take to make me want to invest in you.

FCC student uses skills and style during summer session.

Accepting an intern for the summer of 2015 was a great success for us with a qualified, dedicated student from FCC.

Production Intern brings creative skills Natasha Marshall joins us as an intern from Frederick Community College, where she is a Film and Theater major.  She will transfer to Towson University this fall.  You might have seen Natasha on Channel 18 in Frederick County, hosting a few...