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Attracting foreign visitors to the DC, Maryland, and Virginia area

Imagine you're responsible for marketing an international tourism hotspot of America: Washington, DC, Maryland, AND Virginia all in one. For Stacey Sheetz, she doesn't have to imagine -- she does it! Stacey is the Digital Marketing Manager for Capital Region USA (CRUSA), a non-profit tourism coalition that seeks to attract visitors from select international markets and bring them to the tri-state area. In this episode of the Zesty Marketing Podcast.Stacey discusses the challenges of international marketing, such as language barriers, social media differences, and cultural sensitivities. She also reveals how she leverages partnerships with travel organizations both overseas. Here at home to offer the most diverse and incredible itineraries to foreign visitors.

How an outdoor adventure company makes a splash with visual marketing.

With a new website launch this summer, Natasha Baihly of River & Trail Outfitters has her hands full. In this podcast episode, Natasha shares how she is using videos and photos on their website to show off the thrilling, visual experiences like whitewater rafting and tubing that River & Trail offers. We talk about why visual elements are so important in marketing attractions these days, and how to use videos across a variety of digital marketing platforms, including programmatic ad buys.

How vacations can improve your work performance and boost your marketing efforts

Vacation days are all that Katie Denis thinks about. Jealous, right? Well, she’s just as concerned with your vacation days as she is with her own. Katie is the Lead Researcher for Project: Time Off, a non-profit initiative of the U.S. Travel Association that strives to get us workaholic Americans to use more of our allotted vacation time. P:TO’s campaign is especially advantageous when marketing for travel, leisure, and destinations! This week’s episode delves into the importance of taking time off from work as both a benefit to yourself and your company. We'll also go into how planning your vacation days ahead of time will ensure you’re using them efficiently. And of course, we’ll talk about some of the ways you can use Project: Time Off’s campaign to market your destination or attraction.

"Lift Your Spirits" video series part of rebranding this Pennsylvania Valley region

In her first two years with Discover Lehigh Valley, Alicia Quinn rolled out a new brand for the destination as well as an overhaul of the organization's’ marketing strategy and digital footprint, including the use of high impact photography, a new website, key and targeted messaging and segmentation. The region is home to brands like Crayola, Dorney Park, Martin Guitars and everything related to Bethlehem, Pa. Find out how she built the footprint and connected the guest experiences. And learn how they created the award-winning video series "Lift Your Spirits."

Keyword Tags Are Easier to Find and Implement Than You'd Imagine Building upon our previous post regarding YouTube SEO Tips and Tricks for Destination Marketing, it's probably important for us to quickly clarify what the process of implementing YouTube Video Keyword Tags looks like. The above...