Dauphin County Techinical School Student Recruitment Video

Technical School markets to incoming students with video.

Dauphin County educators use short videos to recruit new students.

Digital Bard worked with Dauphin County Technical School in Harrisburg, PA to produce a coordinated set of student recruitment videos. This student recruitment effort resulted in five live action videos, and 25 animated slide shows, each designed to serve a distinct purpose within the conversation. Here’s how we planned and executed it.

The live action videos include an overview of the entire school and four program cluster videos (Construction, Art & Technology, Automotive, and Service). Within these clusters, there are 25 individual programs. Animated slide shows were made for each program, using a mix of photos they provided and short video clips we recorded.

So what makes this method of mass producing videos so effective, and how do they differentiate? It all boils down to viewer engagement and cascading content. As viewer attention spans continue to decrease, we need to spark their interest rapidly. Thus, a 45 minute video depicting all aspects of the school simply won’t achieve the same benefits as 30 1-2 minute videos will.

It starts with the overview video. We want to engage all viewers in less than two minutes before their brains leave us for something new! Once we’ve sparked their interest, then we break it down into the cluster videos, which help a student narrow their field of interest. Finally, the individual program videos give clear, focused looks at the core learning goals for each one. This is an extremely successful technique, and allows the recruitment and marketing team to isolate interest and match video elements with print materials, live presentation tools, etc.

So next you’re thinking, how can someone possibly afford 30 different videos?! Answer: Cascading content. Knowing the intended goals prior to recording, Digital Bard was careful to record footage in every classroom, giving us the visuals we would need for each program. We made sure to “cast” our interview talent from the various clusters to support the narrative in our live action videos.

Three full days of action-packed shooting at the school and two short interviews with faculty not available on shooting days provided all of the video assets we needed. Of course, it took much longer to edit the videos, but we are able to do that in the comfort of our own office with interfering any more with the client’s day-to-day operations.

This is the future of video marketing for any organization with multiple facets. We can’t possibly target everyone in one video, even though that’s all the viewer wants to watch. So we break it down for them. Pretty great, right?

Explore your own cascading content possibilities. Call 240-5656-5931 to schedule a consultation.

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