City of Frederick Maryland Tech Recruitment

The City of Frederick hits a home run with tech recruitment video

Authentic “cast” and stellar planning make this government video a social media success!

When you design your video campaign, are you taking a moment to anticipate the steps you might need to take when your posted video gets 15,000 views in the first 10 hours? (Step 1: pick your jaw up off the floor, fist bump your marketing team, call your best friend, and pull the string on the party poppers!)

The City of Frederick’s Department of Economic Development (Maryland) needed a video that supported local IT companies’ goals of attracting top talent to Frederick, Maryland. The call to action of the video was to improve social media engagement, and no one was disappointed.

Michelle Kershner, the Business Development Specialist for the department, believes the video worked well because real residents of Frederick told their stories about living and working in the city and were believable. Here are a few ideas about what to do to prepare your video for success.

Obtain Quotes:

Prior to the video’s release, collect statements from your officers/stakeholders outlining the mission of the video and its anticipated impact. Share with media in press releases, invitations and your other content platforms.

“There are many advantages to working in Frederick,” said Richard Griffin, Director of Economic Development for The City of Frederick. “This three-minute video features Frederick’s great downtown, the arts, amenities, and quality of life we all know and love. It shows that Frederick offers a great place to play when people get off of work.”

The Release:

Consider piggybacking on a live event to release the video by invitation and marketing channels. Invite the targeted audience, your cast, production team, stakeholders and the people who love you already. The City’s strategy included releasing  “Work Where There’s Room to Play” publicly at a live event and simultaneously on Facebook. Within hours the video had traction.

If that doesn’t fit your scope, hosting a company-wide video release complete with popcorn and red carpet to help strengthen your internal communications channels.

Brand Management:

Monitoring the comments you receive is an important aspect (try and stop you, right?) of leveraging your video. In the City example, there was a request for a closed caption version and within 36 hours, it was made available.

Even the most light-hearted, well written, high energy video may attract negative comments.  History proves, your champions will self-correct the comments for you. Your tribe will challenge the naysayers and point out the positive.

Editing/deleting comments from the feed that seem detrimental is dangerous territory. Your response/or lack of gives your brand an opportunity to shine.

Measure Your Results.

Before hitting the POST button, recall with your team what the purpose of the video is.
– What is the call to action?   Will the video prompt viewers to go to your website?   Is the landing page ready to receive new guests?  Is someone “at the ready” to access metrics?  And fill orders?!

In this example, when the City of Frederick embedded the video on Facebook (unpromoted), the one-week results were:

  • 123,816 people reached
  • 51,329 video views
  • 6,544 Likes, Comments and Shares
  • The client experienced a 33% increase in page likes.

“Never underestimate the power of a proud city,” Whitney Hahn, Managing Partner, Digital Bard.


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