Content Creation – Video Production

Keyword Tags Are Easier to Find and Implement Than You'd Imagine Building upon our previous post regarding YouTube SEO Tips and Tricks for Destination Marketing, it's probably important for us to quickly clarify what the process of implementing YouTube Video Keyword Tags looks like. The above...

Museums are captivating guests with videos, before, during and after a visit.

In this digital age of constantly connected cell phones and media streams, it can be hard for museums to capture the attention of potential visitors, especially young children. That is why video and interactivity are becoming essentials for many museums. Here are several ideas you can use to market your museum better and increase guest engagement.

Align your videos properly within the sales funnel for impressive ROI. At Digital Bard, we believe in disconnecting. Take a weeklong to the unplug at the beach, reconnect with friends at a weekend destination, or scare yourself silly by jumping out of your comfort zone and...

Music and visual clips help to bring little glimpses of Frederick alive.

As part of their new Hip & Historic campaign, the Frederick Tourism Office wanted to showcase bicycling in Frederick County, Maryland. In order to capture the vastness of experiences available, we created a music video featuring places you could go, things your could do and things you could see when you are on a bike ride. 

Using music and video effects to quickly set the tone

We recently produced a participant demo video for BANG Workout — a fierce fitness group that features hip hop, funk and dance music. Amanda Strand, co-creator of BANG Workout, has been a frequent guest and trainer on TV shows like Good Morning Washington and needed a way to showcase exactly what BANG is.