Video Marketing Strategy

How the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce produces targeted, coordinated content.

Early this year, the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce desired an effective and efficient way to provide value to the members (and business community at large). After experimenting on their own with an interview based web series, they understood that the core idea was sound, but a more strategic approach would be needed in order to really impact the membership. Digital Bard to the rescue!

Going beyond the client list means opening your mind to other stakeholders.

Sometimes, when considering buyer personas, we often get stuck in the “client” trap. We think that our target audience should always be someone who will “buy” from us.  This thinking misses a huge opportunity.

Introducing yourself on a web page doesn't have to be painful or boring.

We work with a lot of business owners and leaders who want to introduce themselves, their products and services on their website. It is a wonderful way to start to build a relationship with a prospect, since they can hear you and see you, and notice how you walk and talk and chew gum at the same time. One of the first questions we get asked is, "What do I say?" Here are some suggestions on writing a very strong, authentic introduction.

Understanding the pros and cons of using a few of the web's video sharing sites

“What are the main differences between YouTube and Vimeo, from a business owner’s point of view?” We hear this question often from business folks who are using video and want to make sure they are being smart about it. The rules and concerns are a little different for a company than they might be for a casual user who just wants to share vacation videos with friends. Here are some things to consider.

How business travel is changing with technology

[caption id="attachment_6139" align="alignleft" width="225"]Atlanta_6am Atlanta, 6 a.m.[/caption] I was at a business conference in Atlanta last week, and the attendees came from all over the US, Canada, and about four places across the world. It's a relatively small group for a conference, perhaps 60 people, and I find I am asking a number of guests the same question:  “How often do you fly to see a client or make a pitch, and are you using video conferencing and similar technologies in any way?”