Tips and How-to’s

Myths and advice when applying for an internship in film and video.

It's spring, so we'll soon start hearing from students who would like a summer internship with us. I love that. I love the new energy and new perspectives and I want to say "yes" to them all.  But I can't, and there are two main reasons why - two persistent myths about internships. And there are some actions you can take to make me want to invest in you.

What does it mean when your YouTube video gets flagged for matched content?

Even when you have proper licenses and permissions for footage and music, YouTube can still flag videos for a suspected copyright violation. Here's how to file a dispute and prove you are one of the good guys. 

Sandy Sponaugle of Platinum PR shares her experience with a video app that encourages you to "Explore the World Through Someone Else's Eyes."

In September, I did a 30-Day Periscope Challenge. In case you aren’t familiar, Periscope is a live streaming video app -- the latest “big thing” in social media. I spent the past month trying out this new medium by doing a live video stream daily, where I shared what goes on behind the scenes of running a PR company. (#PRBehindTheScenes)

Optimize your video for the best user experience

Remember the days of MySpace? The page loads only to find Backstreet Boys or Blink 182 playing in the background and a stream of glittery stars trailing behind your cursor every time it moves. As great as that music can be some days (hits you right there in the nostalgic bone), it could be distracting when you’re actually trying to read the content on the page. Since then, the internet has changed tremendously and you now have so many more audio and playback options to choose from. So how do you decide when you should use the video’s audio and when not to, and what about auto play?

Extending the life and relevance of old or outdated videos

YouTube has just celebrated their 10 year anniversary and Vimeo has been around for over 11 years. Video has become a standard if you want to take your marketing to the next level. So if you caught the wave, you may find that you have videos from a few years ago or more.

New contractor intake just became a whole lot easier for Rapid Response

Rapid Response, a professional courier service in Laurel, MD, had a problem. They were spending a lot of time with new applicants, explaining the same information over and over. By creating a 12 minute video that professionally and consistently provides contractors with essential details, they've recovered several hours of administrative time each week while increasing the quality of applicants.