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How to make photos look more like video

Photography is a favorite hobby of a lot of people, and with Instagram and Pinterest growing in popularity, photos of everything from buildings to people, from food to décor are being posted online and updated in our feeds in real-time. We’re constantly being exposed to these eye-catching sights and snippets of insights from our friends and family. In the video realm, photos and still images are a great place to start, but we like to push the boundaries and add a little something extra to the visuals we’re provided.

Learn Flip/Phone Filmmaking or Guerrilla Marketing from our experts

Two members of the Digital bard team will share time and talents at Frederick Community College this fall, teaching continuing education classes.

Now that 3D video displays have appeared in the consumer market, it seems like we will only be seeing more of it. Check out the video below and discover how some relatively simple concepts allow us to trick our eyes into seeing depth when there...

The 2013 American Advertising Federation of Greater Frederick (AAF-GF) ADDY Awards is quickly approaching, with the excitement and anticipation building. This year’s theme embraces the marvelous and fascinating qualities of the early circus and taking a look “Under the Big Top.” We’ve had the opportunity...

A Guerrilla Marketing Pro uses that small piece of stiff paper like a tiny billboard, using both sides of the card to talk about what you can do for them. Think about it, for under 10 cents per copy, you can differentiate yourself from the...

Research-proven strategies for getting the most out of your fund-raising video

Would you build a house without blueprints? Then don't plan anything til you hear these facts. Use these three research-proven tactics in your next social cause video to reach your campaign's full potential.

DBU: 3 Tips for Social Cause Marketing