Frederick County Tourism Bike Ride

Touring Frederick County by Bicycle

Music and visual clips help to bring little glimpses of Frederick alive.

As part of their new Hip & Historic campaign, the Frederick Tourism Office wanted to showcase bicycling in Frederick County, Maryland. In order to capture the vastness of experiences available, we created a music video featuring places you could go, things your could do and things you could see when you are on a bike ride. 

It all started with a song.  “Bike Ride” by Nora Jane Struthers was chosen by Tourism and served as our starting point in selecting and capturing new clips that matched the tempo. The beats also helped us to determine where we wanted to make our transitions from one clip to the next and which transitions we wanted to use.

We started by recording new footage of cycling adventures around the area – a family in Baker Park, the “Visit Frederick” cycle team on beautiful single lane roads in the north part of the county, a lady pulling up to the Tourism center.  That was mixed in with bits a pieces we’ve accumulated over the years – the high wheel bicycle race in downtown Frederick, casual riders on the C&O Canal tow path – and some citizen contributed footage of mountain biking and night riding.

The music was adjusted to fit the target video length without losing key elements or effecting the overall words of the song. With such a diverse selection of clips ranging from single mountain bikers in the woods to high wheel races in downtown Frederick, a logical order had to be created that would allow the video to flow and at the same time spread the focus across different realms of bicycling in Frederick County. Capturing additional b-roll and using “collaged” clips help to satisfy those needs and add in additional interest.

In the end, we have a music video that helps to showcase the variety of options available for those that want to come to Frederick and go on a bike ride!

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