Frederick County Chamber of Commerce

Video leads the way for Chamber’s multi-channel business communications.

How the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce produces targeted, coordinated content.

Early this year, the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce desired an effective and efficient way to provide value to the members (and business community at large). After experimenting on their own with an interview based web series, they understood that the core idea was sound, but a more strategic approach would be needed in order to really impact the membership. Digital Bard to the rescue!

Through guided conversations, we helped the Chamber leadership and marketing director outline a logical and coordinated system for creating short videos, podcasts and written content. We all got very clear on the core audiences the Chamber wants to engage – major employer groups, small to medium employer groups and a non-profit organizations.

The production plan produces a series of interviews every quarter, with each 2 hour recording session showcasing individuals from these three groups, plus a few messages straight from the Chamber about upcoming events or initiatives. These interviews are broken down into podcasts, photo stills and 3-5 short video marketing pieces that focus on topics that inform, generate interest and help to promote the work that the Frederick Chamber does.

A project like this can seem overwhelming at first. You have to coordinate multiple people with busy work schedules, find available locations that match your theme (recognizable local businesses), and bring those elements together to create genuine and attention-grabbing glimpses of each individual being interviewed. Take a step back, think about it logically, and have a good project manager help handle the details. Some tips:

  • Look at the overarching message of and desired outcome for the video content, and prepare questions in advance.
  • Have a backup subject in mind and on call, in case of a last minute cancellation.
  • Stay disciplined about representing the interests of each core audience. When trying something new, it can be easy to play to your favorite folks, but trust and stick with your annual plan.
  • Be mindful of diversity and inclusion. This is how membership feels welcome and grows.
  • Break the project down into the key elements, deliverables and deadlines, and communicate them to your team – internal and external.
  • Create a task timeline, especially if one element requires another to be completed beforehand. I think the best comparison for a project like this is dominoes. If you have it all planned properly, you just need to push that first domino over and all the rest will fall down afterwards.

Plan for success, and tweak often.

You can’t always plan for every eventuality, but, while you are going through the process, you do need to be on the lookout for pieces that aren’t falling into place correctly.  That’s why we plan projects like this one quarter at a time, stay focused on that long term goal, and are vigilant about documenting our “recipe” as we go along. Your processes will and should evolve as your project gains momentum.

The Chamber now has a few months of content banked and ready to go, and are completing the internal refinements needed to publish the videos, podcasts and articles on a consistent schedule. This treasure chest of targeted content will not only make the marketing director’s life easier, but will facilitate conversations on social media and at events.

Want to develop your own coordinated video marketing content? Call 240-566-5931 to schedule a consultation.

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