Crush your performance goals with well-informed online video marketing and promotion.

Are you worried about any of this?

  • What sort of budget do I need to get the videos seen by a meaningful audience size?
  • How will I get the video seen by potential visitors in the best geographic, demographic and behavioral frame of mind?
  • How will you know if they are responding to my video – sharing it, commenting, booking a reservation, asking for more information?
  • What actions are a real measurement of viewer engagement and which ones are just inflated to make me feel good?

We plan and execute the paid boosts and online advertising buys for you,
returning 2 – 5x national engagement averages!

Online and Social Media Video Promotion

1. Targeting. We place the videos exactly where the right customers will trip over them, be delighted and come see you. This could include television, web and social media, with programmatic ad placement available on hundreds of the most visited websites around.

2. Measurement. Know how your videos are performing month over month, making conversions less of a guessing game and more of a honed science.

Depending on your objectives, target audience and sustainable budget, we use promotions, formats and techniques like:

  • Facebook and Instagram boosts
  • YouTube pre-roll and post-roll ads and sponsored Google Ads
  • Programmatic placement on top travel, tourism, leisure, lifestyle and news websites
  • Connected TV campaigns and placement on streaming services like Hulu and Roku
  • Specialized campaigns on platforms like Pandora, Amazon, Vimeo and Spotify
  • Cinema ads and television commercials
  • Automated video response campaigns
  • Email blasts with video
  • Video signatures

Don’t let your wow-worthy videos go unseen and unloved. Talk with us about targeted, results-focused promotion today!

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