Become a customer magnet, with video production and promotion that explains your products and demystifies the process of doing business with you.

Video marketing for technology and manufacturing companies including IT, life sciences, laboratories, medical products, electronics, SAAS, app developers, software companies, inventors, and innovators.

Client successes include:

  • award-winning 2D animated core features videos for IT companies like Yakabod and Patriot Technologies
  • niche-focused video creation for various iHire employee groups
  • explainer video for CampusEd, showing mobile and desktop views of the software platform in use
  • a new-product launch video for BrainPipes, an innovative smart home technology
  • app demonstrations for iTour and NBAA’s Digital Magazine
  • animated and live action videos for the Association of Public Health Laboratories
  • product demos for Crowley Company, a manufacturer of large format scanners

Avoid the boring results that come from boring marketing.

Add the video zest you need to win new customers today!

Improve your YouTube game!

This 18-page guide offers strategic guidance to help you create a solid visual brand identity and take advantage of SEO customization available within your YouTube channel. Using YouTube’s built-in features, you can optimize your videos to increase your brand visibility and become a customer magnet.

The sub-sections will take you step-by-step through YouTube’s features until you end up with a spectacular and uniquely branded YouTube channel.

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