Videos in the sales funnel for tourism, destination marketing, travel, outdoor adventure, and theater industries

Podcast: What Video Goes Where? A how-to guide for strategists.

Align your videos properly within the sales funnel for impressive ROI.

At Digital Bard, we believe in disconnecting. Take a weeklong to the unplug at the beach, reconnect with friends at a weekend destination, or scare yourself silly by jumping out of your comfort zone and into the unexpected.

But as digital marketers, we know that video is the perfect medium to capture all the sights, and sounds – the visual and aural richness a visitor will experience once they decide to make the trip.

We chose leisure and entertainment businesses as our niche because we feel highly experiential brands deserve video. However, common problems are borne from a marketer wanting to do too much too soon, overwhelming the prospect with too much information, and failing to forge relationships.

“Video is the perfect vehicle for businesses in leisure and entertainment to really get in front of target audiences and magnetize them to what you have to offer.” @bardvideo #destinationmarketing

Not only are videos fun to make and view, but most marketers agree that they have the best ROI. And social media posts with video usually attract three times more inbound leads than text only posts. So now that it’s easier than ever to get video in front of the right audiences, it’s time to pop the top off the cerveza, right? Not so fast.

When there’s a mismatch in the types of videos being used and the place in the sales/conversion funnel, problems arise. How can you be sure you’re showing the right videos to the right folks at the right time?

Listen to the podcast (below) for questions that can help you determine what type of video you’ll need based on your objectives within the sales funnel.

Digital Bard sales funnel

Three basic sections of the sales funnel, and suggestions on which videos will work best there:

1. Awareness – start with a corporate culture video, like a behind-the-scenes introduction to your shop, or an educational vlog teach the consumer something they want to learn. Maybe a tribe building video to explain your mission, or maybe just a fun video that shows the joy you have – with each other and with guests.

2. Credibility – explain how you do what you do, like an overview video. A tour of the amenities or customer testimonials.

3. Selection – more of the nuts and bolts about the amenities, premiums, and locations. Online videos influence more than 50% of final selections sales, so invest your time, thought, and energy in this phase!

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