Video marketers for innovation and recreation.

We believe highly experiential brands deserve video.

It’s the only medium that can truly “clone and communicate” what a customer can expect from your products, services, and experiences.

We believe you deserve a partner that gets it.

Working alongside Marketing Directors and Sales Managers, we craft beautiful, dynamic, influential, and authentic videos. We also work seamlessly with agencies and brand managers that oversee the content strategy but lack the specialized knowledge and capabilities for video production and online video promotion.

We believe your customers should be able to see your videos in whatever ways make sense for them.

To capture the attention of today’s busy, multi-screen consumer, most videos will be less than 3 minutes in length, part of an integrated annual campaign, and viewed on our client’s websites and social media platforms. Targeted programmatic ad buys are also available on hundreds of top news, travel, and lifestyle websites.

We believe learning and experimentation never stop.

Digital Bard started in 2004; the year BEFORE was a registered domain name, 2 years before Google purchased YouTube and 3 years before the release of the first iPhone.

Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo emerged alongside smartphones that recorded HD video and it all seemed to land on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Broadband internet service and larger mobile data plans exploded, all in a period of just a few years in the mid-2000s.

So while we didn’t start out to be online video marketing experts, it’s mainly because online video really did not exist in the same way then as it does today. But we saw the possibilities it could bring for cost-effectively expanding the audience of business and fell in love with the nimble, creative ways we could test ideas before making it big.

We believe our roots become your wings.

Marketing that moves people AND broadcast-quality video production is in our DNA in equal proportions. Campaigns are infused with all the hacks and methodology we’ve learned to activate the emotions of a viewer and inspire them to action.

We believe creativity and exploration are good for the human soul.

Innovation sparks our imaginations and lets us dream of what is possible. Recreation lets us find who we are again, reconnect with loved ones and discover something unexpected along the way.

Our tails wag at the thought of bringing a slice of a new experience to a consumer in a way that makes them want to try something new, visit an unfamiliar place, get outside their comfort zone, try something cutting edge or blow off some steam.

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